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When it comes to the payment of the shipping service, you should never EVER pay everything upfront. While there are some companies that will pick up your car without charging you anything, the majority of them will require a deposit (usually 10-25% of the total cost). The remainder of the bill will be paid upon delivery. It is important to note that many car shipping services will only take cash or a cashiers check when they drop off your car so make sure you have your payment ready when you go to pick up your vehicle.

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Auto Transport Florida To Maryland

By the U.S. Department of Transportation’s recommendations, you must hand over car keys to your mover. In that direction, explain in advance if there are any special features about it, like how your alarm has to be disarmed, if it is possible disable the alarm.

Do not forget to remove all personal belongings from your car. In case there are spare tires or any other stuff in it, tie it down properly to avoid any incidents.

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When you choose to have your car transported by auto shipping companies you can be sure that no matter what kind of vehicle you have it will get to the destination on time. Your car maybe a classic one, a regular vehicle or a Recreational Vehicle this really doesn’t matter with car shipping companies. If you have these cars transported yourself not only will you worry about the wear and tear of the vehicle but you would also have to raise concerns for the time that you would have to make just to make sure that this gets done. For many people who are now living fast paced lifestyles, wasting time can mean wasting valuable money as well. It has also proven to be a more economical and comfortable approach to having your vehicles transported.

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  1. car shipping companies in houston

    car shipping companies in houston

    There are a lot of auto movers now a days, its just that the benefits they offer differ from one another. Shipping a car can be as easy as booking a flight online you just choose where to go and then your departure date and your date of return. Transporting your vehicle is just similar to that all you have to do is to have this information destination, date of pick-up and date of arrival, the tricky part is what vehicle transport company will you choose.

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    Need to receive a status update? For the most recent information please call the driver or his/her dispatcher first. The reason we ask for you to do this is because they will have the most current information available. Our online system can take up to 24 hours to update with new information received from our carriers. In some cases the driver may not be able to answer their personal phone immediately due to laws prohibiting mobile phone use during driving and work hours. Do not panic, you can always call us and we can do this process for you.

    auto transport companies international
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    auto transport companies family operated

    Your vehicle must have a minimum of 4" ground clearance in order to safely load and unload your vehicle.